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The Whats App service is simple and easy to deploy giving you the ability to share voice, Images & Videos on a single network with Small Business PBX. It is highly cost effective and beneficial for businesses as it cuts down traveling costs, and in-person meetings and associations. These Whats App Service can be made 24 X 7, anytime, anywhere increasing business productivity by reducing constraints on employers, employees and potential customers.

Benefits of Whats App:

  • A Whats App eliminates the need for "face-to-face" meetings.
  • A Whats App keeps your meetings focused.
  • A Whats App achieves more productive meetings! Because a Whats App can be organized so quickly.
  • You can solve your problems instantly. A Whats App is an indispensible "problem-solving" tool that is always readily available - right at your finger tips!

You will be provided with an online panel to configure your Whats App. Using Whats App send an Text SMS, Images to the coustomer, send email or SMS notification to yourself.




Quantity- 50000

Price- 0.18p/sms

Cost+GST 18%- 9000+1620

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Quantity- 100000

Price- 0.17p/sms

Cost+GST 18%- 17000+3060

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Quantity- 250000

Price- 0.16p/sms

Cost+GST 18%- 40000+7200

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Quantity- 500000

Price- 0.15p/sms

Cost+GST 18%- 75000+13500

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Whats App Features

We have made Whats App Features very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

Many Messages can be send to customer which someone talks to several people at the same time using Whats App. The Whats App Service may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call...

fully automated Wahts App Services 24x7. With Whats App you will easily send your participants any Text Message, Images, Video...

You never know how long your Whats App Messages is going. So we have introduce NO Whats App text Messages to users to sends Limit i.e...

Whats App Use Cases

We have made Whats App Features very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

Whats App Service provides all the features you need for efficient, effective communication and collaboration among remote teams.Whats App does it all with one, easy-to-use package...

Training employees and customers can be a major expense for many businesses. Whether your trainees are across town or around the globe, online training using Whats App can provide an attractive alternative to in-person sessions...