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Connect to your customers by just one missed call. You can select a missed call number of your choice from our list. Your customer will give a missed call to this number to contact you. All the missed calls to this number will be captured and can be monitored in the online dashboard.

You will be provided with an online panel to configure your number. You can do a number of things in parallel when a missed call is received like send an auto reply SMS to the caller, send email or SMS notification to yourself , integrate your CRM or Website using a web hook, set various limits etc.





MISS CALL- 10,000


RATES+ GST- 1000+180

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MISS CALL- 40,000

FREE SMS- 1500

RATES+ GST- 2500+450

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MISS CALL- 80,000

FREE SMS- 3000

RATES+ GST- 4500+810

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MISS CALL- 2,00,000

FREE SMS- 6000

RATES+ GST- 8000+1440

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Missed-Call Features

We have made Missed-Call Features very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

Auto reply SMS are the pre automated SMS that your customers will receive whenever they will give a missed call to your number. You can customize the reply to give more personalized feel to the customers...

You can even send a pre recorded voice clip to the customers as a reply who has given a missed call to your number. Make callers aware of your brand with Missed call Service...

You can also play an automated missed call as a reply whenever customer gives you a missed call. It acts as a virtual receptionist by providing them the required information...

Your leads will automatically get distributed equally among your agents. Suppose you have 5 agents and you get 50 missed calls from customers than 10 customers will be assigned to each agent...

Greet your callers with a customized corporate jingle, pre-recorded voice message or caller tune. Update your message or tune whenever you want to. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Know exactly how your team is performing over phone calls. Get a detailed daily report with call statistics for your company and individual agents as well as groups. through our user friendly & powerful platform...

Easily set up and manage filters on callers like prioritizing the calls or limit the number of calls from the particular customer...

We provide you push and pull HTTP APIs. As we receive a call, the system will push this number to your server. You also have option to fetch our number any time via simple HTTP API's. through our user friendly & powerful platform...

There is no limit on the number of missed call you will receive on your number therfore it can be used for voting campaigns, customer feedbacks etc...