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IVR system or IVR tech. are something we have all used at least once in our lives. What does it entail? Technically speaking, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. What this means is, when you call, the voice on the other end will be a computer generated voice. You can use your phone's keyboard to create a certain outcome. In other words, an IVR system or application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations to access relevant data.

  • Transfer Call To Agent
  • Play a Pre-Recorded Voice Clip
  • Ask user to record a voice mail
  • Etc...

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750 Free Minute

2 Line

2 Department

1 Numbers

350 SMS

Extra Minute 1.25 Rs

Extra SMS 45 paise

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1000 Free Minute

4 Line

4 Department

3 Number

1000 SMS

Extra Minute 1.0 Rs

Extra SMS 40 paise

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Most Popular-3000

1500 Free Minute

6 Line

6 Department

6 Numbers

1500 SMS

Extra Minute 90 paisa

Extra SMS 15 paisa

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IVR Features

We have made IVR Services very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

Creatorsdesire company in India offers unlimited channels with introductory offers. we provide powerful infrastructure, never to let a customer miss even a single call due to channel capacity constraints. through our user friendly & powerful platform...

With the multilevel IVR customers can select the departments they want to get connected to. The departments are divided on the basis of the extension and all a customer is needed to do is to press the extension.Multi-level IVR is the excat solution for the companies that want the professional call flows. It saves the time of the customer and efficiency of the agents.Another advantage of Multi-Level IVR is bilingual language selection. Suppose you want a separate call flows for Hindi and English speaking customers. A voice menu is created in each language and under each menu, you can create different departments.

Some of the features and benefits of Multilevel IVR are:
1:-Create and implement unlimited IVR for handling incoming voice calls.
2:-Create unlimited Departments in IVR.
3:-Customize your IVR after office hours or during holidays.
4:-Call Recording
5:-Auto-assignment to leads the agents...

Our IVR system allows you to set unlimited Agents/users to receive customer's calls so that you don't have to miss a single lead for your business. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Easily integrate any application and start service in minutes. Easily Integrate IVR Features with Creatorsdesire APIs...

Missing a call means losing a potential customer or missing the opportunity to solve a customer's problem. Stay informed about your business calls and serve your customers better. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Our IVR / Virtual Receptionist is the most user friendly and valuable product in the market. We have listed the important features of IVR along with the Quotation...

IVR Features :

  • Unlimited Channels lines

  • 1 Year Validity (Can be renewed to any number of years)
  • Welcome message on call connect.
  • Extensions from 0 to 9 for different departments
  • Call can be auto forwarded to department on selecting department extension (0 to 9)
  • Extensions can be configured to Forward on number, Voice Mail, Play recording or just give a
  • missed call
  • Web Interface for complete management
  • Voice Mail Facility
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding
  • Missed Call Reporting
  • Custom Voice Upload
  • Credit only deducted if end user talks to our agent; if user just listens to IVR, no credit is

Call recording: Our IVR records every call and makes it accessible. Each call is encrypted and stored for data security. It helps measure and improves current business processes and keep track of customer interactions. through our user friendly & powerful platform...

Sticky agent is a person who will pick up your call every time you contact customer support/ service for a query. It saves valuable time of both customers and agents as they don’t have to repeat the same conversation again. through our user friendly & powerful platform...

It offers the flexibility of transferring incoming calls in sequential, parallel and round-robin manner. Set-up call distribution logic based on caller ID, timings and geography. Ensure customer calls are handled in the most efficient manner, and reduce waiting time user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

The IVR solution with the CRM is a fully Engaged IVR CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement) solution, which can be used to provide the more engaging services to the clients user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Our IVR lets you create and manage an unlimited number of extensions. Custom settings for each extension enable calls to be forwarded to several destinations user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Using the blacklist function, you can create a list of unwanted phone numbers and prevent them to access the lines. through our user friendly & powerful platform...

You can customize your on hold tune according to your business requirement. Putting a caller on hold is “an opportunity for you to inform callers about special offers or upcoming events.” Make callers aware of your brand with a customized IVR. Welcome them with your brand name, whenever they make a call...

Agents can easily login and access the complete call data, dashboard and CRM, from within the panel. This is best to easily manage agents and keep them updated about the ongoing or finished tasks. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Easy and Dynamic Multi Lingual Greetings application which plays interactive greetings in caller’s preferred language. You can change the greetings/ questions as per your need as and when desired. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage..

Click-to-call refers to the ability to make a call by just a click on a number displays over your screen and can call in the company right then. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

Manage incoming call load with three types of call policy. Round Robin (Cyclic): This forwarding type ensures every agent in your call centre will get equal number of incoming calls one by one. Straight: This forwarding type ensures all calls will be delivered to first specified number and if that number is busy or unavailable then calls will be routed to fail over numbers. 10 failover numbers can be configured. Parallel: This forwarding type ensures that calls will be delivered to all configured numbers at the same time and any one can pick the call. All other calls will be dropped. You can set the call flows from them according to your requirement...

Know exactly how your team is performing over phone calls. Get a detailed daily report with call statistics for your company and individual agents as well as groups...

Easily set up and manage filters on callers like prioritizing the calls or limit the number of callers. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage...

You can use your own existing number for Hosted IVR and it will be activated in 60 seconds. You may change your number any time...