Advertising in Youtube, Website

Per Views
Card Rate:

Rs. 76
Offer Rate:

Rs. 65
Per View
Card Rate:

Rs. 0.75
Offer Rate:

Rs. 0.50
Per click
Card Rate:

Rs. 25
Offer Rate:

Rs. 18

About Advertising on YouTube

The most popular advertising platform for video ads is Youtube. Creators Desire Solution can help advertisers showcase their video ad while someone is watching videos on Youtube. We deal is all forms of advertising on Youtube like skippable ads, non skippable ads and roadblocks. Contact us to place ads on Youtube. You can target YouTube watchers basis their age, gender and the type of video that they are watching.

To start a YouTube advertising campaign, an advertiser needs to upload his/her video on YouTube. If the ad is played before the main video is played, it is called Pre roll video. Ads can also appear beside the playing video or in the search results.

How much does advertising on YouTube cost

There is no minimum or maximum amount that one needs to spend on YouTube to advertise. As advertisers are charged per view, they have complete control on how much they want to spend. Moreover is someone skips the ad before 30 seconds, the advertiser is not charged.

What targeting is possible while advertising on YouTube

YouTube has a variety of targeting options that help you reach the right customer for your business. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and more.

List of possible targeting parameters while advertising in YouTube are:

Contextual Keyword: Put the keywords for which you want the ad to appear. The advertising platform will show the ad to relevant searches on YouTube

Topics: Like on Google display network, target people based on certain topics like Travel, Luxury etc. A set of topics are provided by YouTube advertising platform.

Demographic: Reach people by age, gender, or parental status.

In-market audiences: People looking to buy certain products can be targeted. For e.g: You can target people searching books to be bought online or offline.

Remarketing: Like on other Google network, retarget someone who has visited your YouTube channel before. An excellent form of recall marketing.

What are the benefits of advertising on YouTube

Deeper connect with the audience through video ads A lot can be expressed through a good video. Now get the power of Television without the spillage of a TV campaign

Targeting With smart targeting filters, avoid the spillage

Responsive. With the self serve platform YouTube advertising is very responsive. One can start the campaign at the click of a button and stop in a similar fashion.

Measurable. Have control on every Rupee that is being spent. YouTube advertising does not stop at the level of view but provides detailed information on what did they do on your website or the app.

Contact Creators Desire Solution to execute your YouTube campaign at the least cost and best ROI. You can be rest assured that the campaign is being run by the best YouTube advertising agency.

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What do you get in the first month?

1. Setting up the advertising campaign on YouTube

2. Advertising worth Rs 5000

3. One month campaign

It not includes

1.  Creative cost would be additional if required

Execution Process

Steps in Execution

Step 1: Add Media to the Dashboard

Step 2: Customize it as per your requirement using the filters below

Filters Available Example
Placement Page Run On site/ Home Page/ Movie Page
Dimensio 6 sec/10 sec/ 20 sec
Ad Type Video Ad/ Overlay Banner/ Maasthead Ad


Step 3: Select Start and End Date

Step 4: Upload artwork and make payment

How do I know my ad has been placed?â€

When the campaign is live, you will get a screenshot of the ad within 24 hours.
After the completion of campaign, an Excel Report will be shared to the client.

YouTube Website advertising is utilized by variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. You can explore YouTube Website advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising cost here. YouTube advertising offers you the opportunity to speak to a young and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment. With YouTube Website advertising campaigns, you will achieve your business goals quickly and easily.

Q1: Why is YouTube better?

Ans: YouTube is the only platform where intent based targeting (based on your search behaviour in the recent past e.g. people looking to buy shoes) is possible. You can run an integrated campaign where same person can see ad across various Google platforms like Google Search, Google Display, Gmail etc.

Q2: How long will it take for my ad to go live?

Ans: Once the campaign is confirmed, it may take up to 48 hours for the ad to go live.

Q3: What is the difference between CPM and CPC pricing?

Ans: CPM stands for Cost per mille viz. Cost per Thousand Impression. You pay when your ad is shown 1000 times. CPC stands for Cost per Click. You pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Q4: Can the impressions be distributed equally across he campaign?

Ans: Daily impression delivery doesn’t remain constant but can fluctuate by up to 200%.

Q5: Can there be a difference between number of clicks reported by the publisher to clicks being shown in my Google analytics?

Ans: The clicks shown on the report may not match the actual visits (as per your analytics) to the website as there is usually a significant click to drop off rate. Every click recorded by the advertiser's dashboard does not end up on the landing page which causes this discrepancy. You can click here to understand in detail the tech reason for the discrepancy in these two numbers.

Q6: Is there a chance that my ad can get paused in the middle of a campaign?

Ans: Yes. All platforms prioritize Roadblocks over ROS ads and hence in case of such a premium booking, the delivery of your ad will be paused, and the campaign might need to be extended.

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