Advertising in Airline - IndiGo Airlines Domestic, India

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Per Month
Card Rate:

Rs. 475,000
Offer Rate:

Rs. 300,000
Per E Ticket
Card Rate:

Rs. 3.50
Offer Rate:

Rs. 2.00
Per Aircraft
Card Rate:

Rs. 500,000
Offer Rate:

Rs. 335,000
Per Bus
Card Rate:

Rs. 120,000
Offer Rate:

Rs. 85,000

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About IndiGo Airline

IndiGo is a no frill low-cost airline and the largest airline in India in terms of passengers carried. The airline operates more than 800 daily flights to 41 destinations, 35 in India and 6 abroad. Being a low-cost carrier, IndiGo offers only economy class seating accommodating 180 passengers per aircraft. It does not provide complimentary meals in any of its flights, and no in-flight entertainment is available. Hello 6E is the in-flight shopping catalogue of Indigo and passengers can use it to buy meals on-board. 

Q1: What is full jacket in Business standard-Indigo edition?

Ans: A full jacket ad is a 4 page ad-Jacket front (Page 1 and Page 2) and Jacket Back(Last Page and penultimate page)

Q2: What is half jacket in Business standard-Indigo edition?

Ans: A half jacket ad is a 2 page ad-either Jacket front (Page 1 and Page 2) or Jacket Back(Last Page and penultimate page)

Q3: What is the ad duration for advertising in Airline and Airports?

Ans: Unless specifically mentioned, the rates are for a month.

Q4: I am doing a campaign in an airline and on an airport for the first time. What all should I be aware of?

Ans: 1. Post confirmation and payment, it can take upto 3 weeks for a campaign to go live 2. Airline and Airports have strict guidelines on kind of ads they can carry. Your ad might get rejected or you might be asked for changes